About Us


I Am We Foundation is an organization offering positive services to uplift the youth in the Inner Cities. We operate with the utmost integrity representing the attempt to create a sense of pride throughout our community which will be reciprocated in our program and the youths future. The program’s goals are to provide a safe, secure and learning environment for our youth. We will create an atmosphere of love, respect and a sense of hope. We are implementing a holistic approach to motivate our youth and strive for success in the world we live in today. Our objectives are to see that our youth participate in an activity to show that hard work and dedication will make a better student in all academic subjects; enhance their knowledge in society; understand basic economic concepts; demonstrate improvement in development and behavior; and have fun while being involved with others.





I Am We Foundation is here to implement a holistic approach to motivating our children. our foundation will cultivate youth leaders and young professionals by developing their passion, talents, and creativity. Our mission is to present the local youth with educational and enrichment resources that have been limited or non-existent thus far. The program’s curriculum includes lessons in Culture and The Proper Laws of Society; Visual and Creative Arts; Sports Activities and the Great Outdoors - Biking, Fishing, Mountain Climbing, Skiing and Camping year round. The I Am We Cultural Arts Resources Center will provide a place to reward our youth for their efforts with Awards Ceremonies, Basketball Competitions and Entertaining Presentations.