Beyond Basketball Program

Beyond Basketball is a program designed to teach our student athletes men and women, the concept of reaching higher goals in life beyond the world of athletics. We are committed to our program that uses basketball as a tool to motivate and encourage youth and families from the inner city neighborhoods to strive for life success beyond the sport of basketball. We seek to use basketball and academic achievement to obtain educational and other opportunities for our student Athlete that otherwise would be unattainable. We value Team work , Excellence, Commitment, Winning, Sportsmanship, Leadership, Pride and Achievement, Loyalty and Progress. 



Law Program 

The Law Program of the I Am We Foundation will focus on orienting youth to the basic foundation of the American legal system. The primary goal of the Law Program is to expose the participants to the system of laws that regulate their day-to-day activities. Many of the youth in the community served by I Am We Foundation do not have legal professionals in their families or social networks. A large portion of the youth in the community only get exposure to the legal system upon finding themselves in the juvenile justice system and prison industrial system. In addition to informing the youth about the laws that govern our society, The Law Program will focus on developing the oral and written advocacy skills of the participants through mock trial, moot court and debate competitions, allowing them to apply and exercise key legal concepts introduced in the curriculum. The areas of law covered in the curriculum will include principles of constitutional law, criminal law, contracts, real and intellectual property, and business organizations.